Jankowicz v. Fox News Defamation Lawsuit

Counsel Max Rodriguez at Pollock Cohen, along with Upper Seven Law, a nonprofit law firm based in Helena, Montana, represent Nina Jankowicz in a defamation lawsuit in Delaware against Fox News Network, LLC and Fox Corporation.

The suit alleges Fox News knowingly and maliciously made and published false claims about Ms. Jankowicz that: 1) Jankowicz intended to censor Americans’ speech, which she did not; 2) Jankowicz was fired from her position with the federal government, which she was not; and 3) Jankowicz was working to give verified Twitter users, including herself, the power to edit others’ tweets, which she was not.

Fox News repeatedly targeted Ms. Jankowicz personally as a part of a malicious months-long campaign of destruction against her, causing a cascade of harm including doxxing, harassment, cyberstalking, and death threats.

Links to media coverage of Ms. Jankowicz’s lawsuit can be found below.

The complaint, filed May 10, 2023 in Delaware Superior Court, can be found here.

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