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Pollock Cohen LLP delivers unusually effective plaintiff-side legal representation. We are known for our ability to solve client problems—with strategy, creativity, and thought—both inside the courtroom and outside the four corners of a legalistic approach. We thrive on representing plaintiffs in cases that are impactful and meaningful, and where we can make a difference.

Because every firm is comprised of individuals with different skills and personalities, each is different. But at Pollock Cohen, we like to think we are different in other ways as well; substantive ways that make a real difference in how we approach our clients’ challenges. These differences enable us to attract a smarter, more talented team. A team that collaborates to come up with better solutions to client problems.

At Pollock Cohen, our attorneys have worked in lots of practice areas. But their strength—our strength collectively, what really runs our motor—is impactful lawyering: litigating that makes a difference. Our entire team—attorneys and non-attorneys alike—are committed to litigation that matters. By limiting the practice areas that we offer, our people get to work on important, interesting matters they really want to work on: qui tam (False Claims Act) and other whistleblower actions; complex litigation on behalf of aggrieved individuals, organizations, and companies; class actions, public impact cases, and appeals.

Our goal is to be the best small law firm in a limited number of specialized practice areas.  By choosing not to take on many types of cases that come to us, we have been able to develop real expertise in a few very important and exciting practice areas. Our practice areas are led by people who are recognized by other attorneys as among the most effective advocates in our field. We are often asked to team up with other firms, and are regularly approached by larger, nationally recognized law firms to handle matters that they cannot. Ask other lawyers about us, and you’ll soon understand why we are considered a “hot” litigation boutique.

Pollock Cohen does very good legal work. That should not be surprising: experienced, accomplished attorneys should do first-rate work. What is different about us is our ability to help solve client problems both inside the courtroom and outside the four corners of a legalistic approach. Yes, we like trying cases in the courtroom. But sometimes, to solve client problems, you need to use tools and strategies that other firms may not consider at all; or if they do, are very secondary. In fact, that perspective and skill set are what distinguish Pollock Cohen from most other very good law firms: we have a different and more extensive tool kit. We understand how businesses work, the value of publicity, the challenges of politics. And we know when and how to integrate other skills and strategies in order to get things done.

We believe that the attorney-client relationship works best when both parties have a stake in the outcome of our clients’ challenge. Our business model is not the maximize billable-hours model that many firms use. We would rather share in the clients’ success and be held accountable when we don’t produce results. For us, it is not about how many hours we can bill; rather it is about working smarter to get the best client outcome.

Yes, we’re pretty smart, experienced, and savvy. But some problems (and opportunities) require skills or resources outside our sweet spots. Or require additional resources. So, we don’t hesitate to partner with firms that provide specialized experience or additional firepower. And because we know most of the best people in many areas of the law, we can recommend lawyers who might be right for a specific client need. That’s better for our clients—and makes us more capable.

Not Everything Is About The Law

The biggest challenge any law firm has—indeed any company or organization—is building and empowering the right team. Finding and cultivating smart, passionate, people with diverse interests, perspectives, and skills—who actually want to and can work as a team—is a constant challenge. Sometimes, you get the best out of people by supporting—or just appreciating—their interests outside of the office.

Photo of Max Rodriguez

Max Rodriguez

Max was an actor through high school and college. He was even accepted to an acting conservatory when applying to college ...


Photo of Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen

“Just say yes.” A very old friend from college—a well-known reporter—had just called me. And after the briefest, “Hello,” he beseeched me to ...


Photo of Adam Pollock

Adam Pollock

Adam started running during COVID, which has rapidly become his favorite hobby. He proudly completed the NYC half marathon in March 2022, in a not-totally-embarrassing time of 1:53 (per strava) ...


Photo of Sara Haviva Mark

Sara Haviva Mark

I am a parent of a young child and as any New York City parent knows, playgrounds are a fundamental part of life. A version of the same conversation happens every weekend—which park should we go to; how far are we willing to venture; is it too busy (or too empty) at that time ...


Photo of Rafi Janove

Rafi Janove

When Rafi isn't drafting briefs, writing articles on current legal trends, filing a new class action, or arguing in court on behalf of clients, he is a Dad of two—a 4 year old and a 2 year old. But he’s not just any Dad—he’s a pianist—and when he plays he becomes “Ragtime Dad” ...


Diversity & Inclusion

Respect for all humans is an integral part of our culture. We view diversity as an inclusive concept that encompasses, without limitation, race, color, ethnicity, gender, nationality, religion, age, disability, and sexual orientation. By embodying a culture of inclusion, we are able to attract, recruit, and retain the very best talent from all backgrounds. A diverse team enhances the quality of service we provide to clients, while also providing a more vibrant, fulfilling place to work.

We may be small, but our commitment in this area is large.


Attorneys: Our firm offers its associates unparalleled opportunities for meaningful professional growth and fulfillment. Because of the complex nature of our work, we do not typically hire associates straight from law school. We do, however, welcome inquiries and applications from more experienced associates with top-tier credentials, including a federal clerkship and at least 3+ years of litigation experience.

Non-Attorneys: Pollock Cohen employs highly qualified professionals as paralegals, research assistants, administrators, and marketing professionals.  

To express an interest in applying for positions as attorney, analyst, summer associate, or administrative, please send your cover letter and resume to

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