Photo of Alison  Borochoff-Porte

Alison Borochoff-Porte Counsel

(646) 827-6259

Photo of Sarah Chan

Sarah Chan Business and Legal Analyst

(646) 290-7101

Photo of Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen Partner

(646) 517-0542

Photo of Edie Conekin-Tooze

Edie Conekin-Tooze Legal Analyst

Photo of Matt Davis

Matt Davis Legal Analyst

(423) 260-6382

Photo of George Krebs

George Krebs Associate

Photo of Jasper Liles

Jasper Liles Legal Analyst

(646) 290-8433

Photo of Jordan Marcus

Jordan Marcus Senior Legal Analyst and Office Manager

(646) 290-9068

Photo of Sara Haviva Mark

Sara Haviva Mark Special Counsel

(646) 504-1850

Photo of Anna Menkova

Anna Menkova Associate

(646) 687-7644

Photo of Adam Pollock

Adam Pollock Managing Partner

(646) 290-7251

Photo of Liana Roza Vitale

Liana Roza Vitale Senior Counsel

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