Practice Areas


Pollock Cohen LLP focuses on representing plaintiffs and protecting the public interest through impact litigation. We enjoy trying cases, but more importantly, we like working with clients to solve their legal problems strategically, creatively, and thoughtfully. We also handle a broad range of complex commercial litigation, maintain an active pro bono practice representing aggrieved individuals, and are a leader in whistleblower actions.


Qui Tam


We represent people in whistleblower actions; often, they are individuals who didn’t originally think of themselves as whistleblowers. These actions are filed under the Federal False Claims Act and various states’ false claim acts, or submitted under agency whistleblower statutes including those of the SEC, CFTC, and IRS.  In addition, we can report bank fraud under the FIRREA (Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery, and Enforcement Act) laws. Each of these statutes is a powerful tool for individuals to report fraud or corruption – and to participate in any financial recovery.

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We are a mission-driven firm. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable, high quality healthcare, a clean environment, and a safe community. We are fierce advocates on the side of people – everyone – having these basic public health rights.

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Unfortunately, far too many businesses find themselves in difficult situations: from traditional breach of contract issues, to partnership disputes, to simple deals becoming too complex. Our perspective in dealing with business problems is influenced not only by our extensive legal experience, but by our 35 years as a corporate executive and start-up entrepreneur.

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People often approach us with problems that at first glance seem to be legal issues. To their surprise, we often tell them they don’t need our services. They need some other specialist. Sometimes that is a PR firm. Or a marketing agency. A business consultant or a life coach. Sometimes, however, our interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving is the right choice.

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