Adam is a recognized, respected litigator, with deep experience and stellar professional credentials from both private practice and government, and a background in the technology industry. He provides high-quality case strategy and representation for domestic and international clients litigating civil lawsuits, disputes, and arbitrations. Complementing this practice, he files qui tam whistleblower (False Claims Act) actions in a broad range of industries.  Indeed, Adam especially delivers solutions for clients facing issues on multiple fronts.

Until 2017, Adam served as an Assistant Attorney General in the New York Office of the Attorney General. While in government, Adam handled a wide range of civil and criminal matters, focusing especially on investigating and litigating qui tam complaints and using the False Claims Act to recover in cases in which the State had been defrauded. Adam drove all aspects of enforcement and prosecution, including investigating, taking testimony, and representing the State in court.

Adam’s cases focused on a broad array of industries. Among the public cases that Adam litigated, he led a 17-jurisdiction working group that achieved a multi-million dollar settlement in a procurement matter; he led a complicated, multi-defendant investigation of minority and women-owned business fraud; and he prosecuted New York’s first False Claims Act case arising from a failure to pay prevailing wages. Thanks to his service, Adam was nominated for the national Taxpayers Against Fraud “Honest Abe” award for integrity in government service.

Before joining the Attorney General’s Office, Adam was an attorney at the criminal and civil litigation boutique Morvillo Abramowitz Grand Iason & Anello P.C. He represented individuals throughout the United States and from various countries in state and federal criminal cases, including healthcare fraud, tax, and antitrust prosecutions. And because New York is home to disputes touching on every aspect of the global business world, Adam also represented individuals and corporations at all stages of civil litigation, from complaint through trial, in diverse areas of the law including common law fraud and consumer protection.

Adam attended the University of Michigan, where he studied computer science, and spent a year at Tel Aviv University, taking courses in middle eastern politics. After a stint working on cloud computing in Silicon Valley, he attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he was a Levy Scholar in Law and Public Governance. He graduated from Penn cum laude, clerked for Magistrate Judge Gabriel Gorenstein in the Southern District of New York, and then spent six months at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Adam is a member of Taxpayers Against Fraud, the Federal Bar Council, the Federal Bar Association, the New York City Bar Association, and the American Association for Justice.  He also serves on the board of his synagogue in Brooklyn and as a “walker” at the Park Slope Food Co-op.


Active Lawsuits

Forced Labor

We have filed a class action on behalf of civil immigrant detainees who were forced to work without compensation at the McHenry County detention center in Woodstock, Illinois.


Game of Thrones: Conquest

We have filed a class action against Warner Bros. on behalf of customers who made in-game purchases in the mobile application “Game of Thrones: Conquest" (GOTC).


Guns of Glory

We have filed a class action against KingsGroup and FunPlus on behalf of customers who made in-game purchases in the “Guns of Glory” mobile game.


King of Avalon

We have filed a class action against KingsGroup and FunPlus on behalf of customers who made in-game purchases in the “King of Avalon” mobile game.


Pollock Cohen Prevails as Second Circuit Revives False Claims Act Suit

Pollock Cohen is representing Clifford Weiner in a qui tam lawsuit against Siemens Inc. and Siemens Electrical LLC in which they prevailed in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, winning the first ever appellate case addressing a unique False Claims Act issue.


Pornhub and Reddit

We co-counsel with Susman Godfrey in class action lawsuits against Pornhub and Reddit. If you were the victim of someone uploading sexual videos of you, contact us. We may be able to represent you.


State of Survival: Zombie War

We have filed a class action against KingsGroup and FunPlus on behalf of customers who made in-game purchases in the “State of Survival” mobile game.


Apple Data Privacy Sharing Lawsuit

If you’re an Apple iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer user who clicked a “do not share my information” button, we want to hear from you. There is an ongoing federal lawsuit alleging that Apple is ignoring users’ preferences, and still sharing private data.


Current Investigations & Areas of Interest

Asynchronous Telemedicine Schemes

While many asynchronous telemedicine companies provide a convenient service, bad actors are taking advantage of the lack of knowledge regarding these new practices by putting profits first—taking advantage of patients, health care systems, and government services in the process. Pollock Cohen is actively involved in dozens of investigations and civil prosecutions, including pursuing health care scammers.



If you used use a decongestant for a cold or flu, the F.D.A. announced that many over-the-counter medications are ineffective.


Products Falsely "On Sale"

We are investigating retailers that purport to put their products on sale, even though the price of the product never actually goes up to a higher price. If you have purchased a product from one of these retailers on sale, or believe you have purchased a sale item that never sells at full price, please fill out the form below.


Hertz: "Convenience Fees"

We are investigating Hertz’s policy of charging renters a “convenience fee” for payment of tolls on bridges, tunnels, toll-roads, and express lanes.


Money Transfers After Phone Theft

Pollock Cohen LLP is investigating reports that these apps have been used to transfer money out of victims’ accounts after a phone is stolen. We are taking a close look at the failure of these money transfer applications to prevent such theft.


Unlawful Biometric Data Collection

Has a business in New York City collected your biometric data? Biometric data can include your body measurements, your eye color, your face shape, your gait, and other individual characteristics. Cutting-edge computer vision technology allows companies to collect biometric data from security camera footage.


PayPal Privacy Invasion

Pollock Cohen LLP is investigating reports that PayPal is tracking your online shopping and we are looking into this apparent invasion of your privacy.  



We are looking into the difficulties users faced in trying to cancel their subscriptions to Ubisoft+. If you were trying to cancel your subscription but simply could not find a way to do so, please share your experience with us. We might be able to help.


Vanguard’s Broken Tax Cost Basis System

Pollock Cohen LLP is investigating reports of an issue affecting investors with Vanguard brokerage accounts.



ClassPass Class Action Settlement

We have filed a class action against ClassPass Inc. on behalf of businesses alleging that the health, spa, and fitness “aggregator” improperly used business’ identities for its own use.


iFIT Live Fitness Classes Cancellation on NordicTrack Exercise Bikes and Treadmills

We have filed a class action against NordicTrack and iFIT on behalf of customers who purchased a NordicTrack exercise bike or treadmill and used live iFIT classes.


Restaurant Delivery Services

We are investigating a potential class action against Postmates, UberEats, DoorDash, and GrubHub on behalf of businesses who are unknowingly listed on their delivery apps and websites.


Adam started running during COVID, which has rapidly become his favorite hobby.  He proudly completed the NYC half marathon in March 2022, in a not-totally-embarrassing time of 1:53 (per strava).  He successfully was not selected for the November 2022 and November 2023 NYC marathons, and he hopes to continue to not win a lottery entry to the NYC marathon every fall.  (Because marathon training would be much too time-consuming….)  His best one-mile time is 6:46 (pretty good, considering) and he hopes to continue to get faster in the near-term, before he gets old, injured, and slow.