Greenwashing Investigation

Have you purchased a disposable plastic, degradable, or compostable product misleadingly marketed as environmentally friendly?

Pollock Cohen LLP and Kohn Swift & Graf, P.C. are investigating “greenwashing” claims, and potential legal actions on behalf of consumers who have purchased products misleadingly marketed as environmentally friendly. 

Companies are tapping into genuine and growing enthusiasm for environmentally sustainable products by marketing their products as “recyclable,” “biodegradable,” or “compostable.” Consumers seek and often pay more for these products, based on the belief that the products offer positive environmental impacts. Yet some companies are taking advantage of consumer preference for sustainable products. According to one investigation, 40% of “green” claims made on websites may be misleading.  

These marketing ploys are known as “greenwashing,” and include false and misleading claims about the positive impact that a product or service has on the environment. These misleading claims may incentivize consumers to purchase products they would not have otherwise purchased. Such false statements may also unfairly harm businesses that spend more to actually develop or use green products to create a more sustainable future. 

We are investigating products misleadingly labeled as “recyclable,” “biodegradable,” or “compostable.” The products include “recyclable” coffee pods, coffee cup lids, plastic bags, and “plant based” plastics, “biodegradable” plastic bags and wrapping, and “compostable” foodware, wrapping, and bags.

Have you purchased a product advertised as “recyclable,” “biodegradable,” or “compostable” that you later discovered was misleadingly labeled or that you could not recycle or compost? Are you a business owner that is focusing on creating sustainable products and interested in ensuring fair and accurate product labels? 

You may be able to take legal action. We are interested in hearing from consumers who have purchased products, and anyone else who has knowledge of misleading marketing or labeling, including business competitors. Call or email us for a free, confidential consultation.


A class action lawsuit is a way for a group of people who have suffered similar harms to bring a single collective case and share in any potential award. You become part of a group, with far more potential power than filing a lawsuit on your own—and at no cost to you.

Filing a class action lawsuit allows us to consolidate evidence, witnesses, and litigation expenses to make the lawsuit more efficient and effective. The collective “clout” of the class is typically far more effective than an action by any individual plaintiff.

No! The attorneys work on contingency, and only get paid if the case is successful. Any fees they may be awarded are determined by the court and paid by the defendant.

You may qualify if…

You purchased a product marketed or advertised as “recyclable,” “degradable,” or “compostable.”

  • The product you purchased was misleadingly labeled or advertised.

  • You are a business owner who feels harmed by the misleading or false advertising of your competitors that sell products or services labeled as environmentally friendly.

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