Amazon, Starbucks Face Class-Action Lawsuit over Customer Data

June 8, 2023

In “Amazon, Starbucks Face WA Class-Action Lawsuit over Customer Data” (Seattle Times, June 8, 2023), the Seattle Times discusses the class-action lawsuit filed in Seattle against Amazon and Starbucks. The lawsuit alleges Amazon and Starbucks of collecting customers’ personal information without first notifying them. It also accuses them of violating New York City law that requires companies to post signage near store entrances if the businesses are collecting customers’ biometric data, like fingerprints, handprints or the shape of a person’s body.

The lawsuit was filed in Seattle by Pollock Cohen LLP of New York, Bursor & Fisher, Riverside Law Group, Peter Romer-Friedman Law, and the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project (S.T.O.P.).

The case is 2:23-cv-00852, Mallouk et al v. Inc et al.

Pollock Cohen LLP partner Christopher Leung is representing the plaintiffs in this class-action lawsuit.

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Amazon, Starbucks Face WA Class-Action Lawsuit over Customer Data | Seattle Times