Podcast: Adam Pollock Interviewed about "Mission Driven Law"

September 25, 2023

Adam Pollock, recognized as one of New York’s authorities on whistleblower and qui tam law, was interviewed on Tom Fox’s nationally-known podcast, “FCPA Compliance Report.”   In the September 25, 2023 interview, “Mission Driven Law: Serving the Greater Public Good”, Adam discusses the False Claims Act, qui tam cases, and what whistleblowers face.

The conversation covered various topics including:

  • the history of qui tam;
  • the intersection of qui tam, FCA, and whistleblower cases;
  • the importance of mission-driven litigation;
  • the concept of private attorneys general; and 
  • the FCA at the Supreme Court. 

Adam has spent over 15 years focusing on white-collar defense, qui tam cases, False Claims Act cases, whistleblower suits and public advocacy. He has led the mission-driven work done by Pollock Cohen on impactful public advocacy cases that serve a greater public good.

Some of P|C's cases have included:

  • Beating Big Tobacco By Winning Menthol Cigarette Ban
  • Winning $1.2 Billion In Relief For NYC Retirees
  • Government Intervention In Qui Tam Whistleblower Case Yielding Multi-Million Dollar Settlement

To listen to the full podcast, click on the link below.

FCPA Compliance Report: Adam Pollock – Mission Driven Law: Serving the Greater Public Good | All Things Compliance