Whistleblower Exposes Health Insurance Companies

October 23, 2023

In “Whistleblower Exposes Health Insurance Companies’ Most Evil Scheme” (More Perfect Union, October 23, 2023) Steve Cohen is featured in a video where he discusses the health insurance prior authorization process in connection with the Kathleen Valentini case.

Prior authorization — when you need your insurer’s permission to get medical care — is a major part of health insurers’ scheme to rake in profits by denying and delaying patients’ care. The “Deny. Delay. Defend” strategy used by health insurance companies is believed to be a major reason that Kathleen Valentini lost her leg, and ultimately, her life.

According to Cohen, “Whether rampant waste and fraud is minimized with this additional step between patient and doctor is still in question.”

Pollock Cohen represented the family of Kathleen Valentini in this matter.

To view the video, click below.

Whistleblower Exposes Health Insurance Companies’ Most Evil Scheme | More Perfect Union