Junk Mail Company Pays $2.75M to Settle FCA Case

May 31, 2023

In “Junk Mail Company Pays $2.75M To Settle FCA Case” (Law360, May 31, 2023), Law 360 discusses the settlement in a whistleblower case alleging that executives of U.S. Postal Service contractor MyMove and parent company Red Ventures schemed to cheat the service, shirking contractual obligations to share monthly gross revenue with the USPS in violation of the False Claims Act. To settle, the junk mail company agreed to pay $2.75 million.

The U.S. Department of Justice took the relatively unusual step of intervening in the qui tam case, something it does in only about one of every five whistleblower cases.

Pollock Cohen partner Adam Pollock, who represented the whistleblower said, "this settlement makes clear that the government will not tolerate cheating, irrespective of the amount involved.”

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Junk Mail Company Pays $2.75M to Settle FCA Case | Law360