It's Open Season on Rupert Murdoch

May 11, 2023

In “It's Open Season on Rupert Murdoch” (Esquire, May 11, 2023), the spotlight is turned on Rupert Murdoch's media empire as a former executive director of a now-defunct Department of Homeland Security division takes Fox News to court. Nina Jankowicz, a renowned expert in Russian disinformation, has entered a legal battle with the support of Pollock Cohen, Farnan LLP, and Upper Seven Law against the network's relentless campaign of personal attacks and defamation in a lawsuit filed on May 10.

Quoting the New York Times, the article highlights how Fox hosts, including Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, targeted Jankowicz, falsely portraying her mission as an Orwellian attempt to control American speech. Now, Jankowicz's lawsuit has landed in the same Delaware court where Dominion Voting Systems sued Fox News. With the Dominion case already casting a shadow on the network, the article speculates on the potential consequences for Fox, emphasizing the power of a single individual standing up against a media giant. 

As Jankowicz asserts in an interview, "It shouldn’t be something we just accept — that the most powerful cable network in the world can attack individuals willy-nilly and not face any consequences after they ruin their lives."

The lawsuit was filed in the Superior Court of the State of Delaware by Pollock Cohen LLP, Upper Seven Law, and Farnan LLP. 

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It's Open Season on Rupert Murdoch | Esquire News