Fox's Lies Led To Threats, Disinformation Expert Says

May 10, 2023

In “New Defamation Suit Against Fox Signals Continued Legal Threat” (Law360, May 10, 2023), Law360 covers the defamation suit filed by Pollock Cohen on May 10, 2023 on behalf of Nina Jankowicz against Fox News. Ms. Jankowicz claims that during and after her service as the “former executive director of DHS' now-defunct Disinformation Governance Board,” Fox News and its commentators repeatedly defamed her and attacked her character and professional reputation.

In the 300 times Fox talked about Jankowicz over 8 months last year, they falsely claimed that she intended to censor Americans’ speech, leading to a series of violent threats against her on social media.

“’None of Fox's false claims about Jankowicz were the product of honest mistakes in its reporting,’ Jankowicz said. ‘Rather, Fox intentionally trafficked in malicious falsehoods to pad its profits at the expense of Jankowicz's safety, reputation and well-being.’”

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday May 10, 2023 in the Superior Court of the State of Delaware on behalf of Nina Jankowicz by Pollock Cohen LLP, Upper Seven Law, and Farnan LLP. 

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Fox's Lies Led To Threats, Disinformation Expert Says | Law360