NFL Denied Early Win in Super Bowl Livestream Crash Suit

January 23, 2023

In “NFL Denied Early Win In Super Bowl Livestream Crash Suit” (January 23, 2023, Law360), Law360 discusses the recent decision in Sietel Singh Gill v. NFL, a class action against the NFL. Pollock Cohen represents the class of international fans who experienced interruptions in live streams during the final few minutes of the 2020 Super Bowl game.

In the case, the NFL argued that from 2019, the streaming service for international viewers called Game Pass Pro had been outsourced to two parties, OverTier Operations and Deltatre S.p.A, and it had notified users about the updated terms and conditions through email. Our firm, citing the Second Circuit’s 2012 case Schnabel v. Trilegiant Corp., successfully pointed out that the NFL can’t “wash its hands of all contractual liability” from an auto-renewal subscription service by simply sending out an email. U.S. District Judge Engelmayer denied the motion for summary judgment allowing the case to proceed to plenary fact discovery.

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NFL Denied Early Win in Super Bowl Livestream Crash Suit | Law360