People often approach us with problems that at first glance seem to be legal issues. To their surprise, we often tell them they don’t need our services. They need some other specialist. Sometimes that is a PR firm. Or a marketing agency. A business consultant or a life coach. Sometimes, however, our interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving is the right choice.

We are not lobbyists.  But we regularly and effectively influence public policy. Our work crafting strategies, coordinating public relations campaigns, and writing op-ed articles are among the best in New York.

We have worked for a President of the United States, a First Lady, cabinet officers, members of Congress, several governors, top companies and well-known non-profit organizations. Talk to us, and we’ll share some terrific case studies.

Not surprisingly, problems are multi-dimensional: there are legal aspects, business operational issues, financial considerations, and public relations implications. As a result, we often work with PR firms, reputation-management companies, and strategy consultants – from individual publicists to the largest agencies and consultancies.

If you have a problem – or an issue that may become one – talk to us. Even if you don’t wind up working with us, our perspective may be helpful.

Some representative matters include:

  • Advising a Federal Cabinet Secretary about how to counter a spate of negative agency publicity.

  • Helping a client to optimize internet and media content in order to push down Google search results that reflect outdated, negative references.

  • Advising a client who was sued – and defamed – by an unhappy customer.

Some recent articles – many on behalf of clients – include:

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