CryptoZoo and Logan Paul Class Action Investigation

Pollock Cohen LLP and Jay Kumar Law are investigating financial losses suffered by consumers pertaining to influencer Logan Paul’s game, “CryptoZoo.”

The game, released on September 3, 2021, allows players to collect, breed, and sell NFT eggs. The release largely failed to include the features, or even basic functionality, that Logan Paul and his associates advertised. After Logan Paul evaded and ignored consumer inquiries following the game’s release, he acknowledged, in a now deleted video posted on YouTube on January 3, 2023, that some of his associates on CryptoZoo were “bad actors.” This admission was seemingly in response to consumer protection YouTube creator CoffeeZilla’s documentary series on CryptoZoo, which suggested that Mr. Paul’s associates may have intentionally stolen players’ money in an investing scam known as a “rug pull.”

We are investigating the liability of Logan Paul and his associates in a potential class action to recover damages who lost money because of CryptoZoo.

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A class action lawsuit is a way for a group of people who have suffered similar harms to bring a single collective case and share in any potential award. You become part of a group, with far more potential power than filing a lawsuit on your own—and at no cost to you.

Filing a class action lawsuit allows us to consolidate evidence, witnesses, and litigation expenses to make the lawsuit more efficient and effective. The collective “clout” of the class is typically far more effective than an action by any individual plaintiff.

No! The attorneys work on contingency, and only get paid if the case is successful. Any fees they may be awarded are determined by the court and paid by the defendant.

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