Very Good Legal Work Isn’t Enough

Pollock Cohen LLP does very good legal work. That should not be surprising: experienced, accomplished attorneys should do first-rate work. What is different about us is our ability to help you solve problems – strategically, creatively, thoughtfully – both inside the courtroom and outside the four corners of a legalistic approach. In fact, that perspective and skill-set are what distinguish Pollock Cohen LLP from most other very good law firms.

What We Do (and Do Differently)

Pollock Cohen LLP is very much a litigation-oriented law firm. We like trying cases. But more importantly, we like solving clients’ problems. And sometimes, that means using tools and strategies that other firms may not consider at all; or if they do, are very secondary. You know the expression: If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  We have a different – and extensive – tool kit.

We Focus on Results –
So We  Like to Work on Contingency

We believe that the attorney-client relationship works best when both parties have skin-in-the-game. Yes, we will work on a fee basis, but today, the hourly-billing-model is making less sense. We would rather share in your success; and be held accountable when we don’t produce results.

Our Sweet Spots

We have worked in lots of practice areas. But our strengths – what really runs our motor – are qui tam (False Claims Act) and other whistleblower actions, litigation on behalf of aggrieved individuals and companies, and class actions.

Results – Not Ego
We Work With Other Firms When Needed

Yes, we’re pretty smart, experienced, and savvy. But some problems (and opportunities) require skills or resources outside our sweet spots. So we don’t hesitate to partner with firms that provide specialized experience or additional firepower. That’s better for our clients – and makes us more capable.